Main Features

The best way to see the many powerful features in LinxMail is to download a copy and try it for yourself! You can do that here. But here's a quick summary of the main features.

Don't forget that not all features are available in every edition - there are four levels to choose from and you can compare which features are included with which edition here.

Typical template designs

Design Superb HTML Templates

LinxMail gives you complete control over how your templates will look. But, if you don't know where to begin - or have never even heard of HTML - don't worry. You can just start with the supplied samples or import one from elsewhere - there are even plenty of free ones out there to choose from.

If you want to add your own touches, you can use the LinxMail Quick Editor for small changes or, for more advanced changes, your favourite HTML editor such as the free Microsoft Expression Web. You can even "build your own" using the LinxMail design modules to create the layout you want with simple building blocks!

With our detailed on-line help, including simple videos, you'll soon learn how to add merge fields, unsubscribe links and even social media buttons to your templates.

Of course, another option is to call in the professionals who will design everything for you with your own logo and corporate colours, and even add fields suitable for use with LinxMail! We'd be happy to recommend someone.

Competitor prices

Low Cost, Lifetime Licence

Most of the email marketing services available are pay-as-you go. You either pay per email, per month or by the number of contacts you have. It can get pretty confusing comparing all the options. But one thing is for sure - it soon adds up when you start marketing in earnest!

That's great for the software company but not for you, so we decided to do something about it.

When you buy LinxMail it's yours for life, irrespective of how many emails you send. No on-going fees, no monthly costs. It's a lifetime licence. (And there's even a free version!). That's high impact marketing with low-impact costs!

While (moderate-cost) upgrades will be offered to you from time-to-time there will be no obligation to take them - LinxMail will just keep on working!

But, if you do choose to update, you can even price-lock all future upgrades at today's prices.

Keep Your Contacts SecureContacts kept securely on your own system

We're paranoid about data security - and we think you should be too!

Why risk data theft by giving your database to a third-party to send out your newsletters or advertising for you?

With LinxMail there's no need to take the risk. Your contacts stay right where they should - on your desktop! It's cloudless, not clueless!

The added benefit is that your bounces and unsubscribes come right back in to the same database - you don't need to maintain two lists which require duplicate maintenance.

For a sombre look at computer security risks we recommend reading this background material.

Focus your marketingFocus Your Marketing

LinxMail makes it easy to target specific segments of your mailing list with different offers or news updates.

Each contact can be assigned to several demographics categories or special interest groups meaning that your read rates and conversions are likely to be higher because your message was targeted toward them.

You can even schedule email campaigns to be sent at the best time to reach your audience. For example, business contacts are more likely to read emails that arrive during business hours (junk mail often arrives overnight) but residential contacts might prefer after-hours.

Stay CompliantEasiy manage unsubscribes & bounces - Your Way

LinxMail makes it a breeze to comply with anti-spam legislation by automatically updating your database with any recipients who wish to unsubscribe. It even monitors hard and soft bounces and can mark addresses as invalid according to rules you create.

But LinxMail has one other important difference - YOU control the compliance, not a third party.

You see, while every country has different anti-SPAM legislation, most alternative email software providers enforce the USA standard. That doesn't make sense to us. If you're in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK or even Tajikistan, why should you be forced to follow the US CAN-SPAM Act? We think YOU should control your compliance and not risk being cut off from your database or having your service suspended because of not complying with rules which are not applicable in your country.

Help is just a click away!

Easy to Use - with Help when needed!

LinxMail has been designed with small business owners in mind. If that's you, you'll know you don't have the time for big learning curves - nor the budget to hire specialist marketing people - which is why we've made LinxMail as easy as 1-2-3.

Try out the Free Trial and you'll see what we mean. The menus are simple and straight-forward and every single option is explained in the world-class Help system. There's even a free series of video tutorials that will take you through everything in a relaxed, hands-on style.

There are many more great features in LinxMail. For more details please go to the Price List and just hover your cursor over each feature for a description. You may also find your questions answered in our FAQs.