Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following will answer most of your questions that are not covered elsewhere but, if not, please feel free to contact us.

1. How secure is my contact list?

Because LinxMail is an on-premise system and not on-line, your contact list is under your control - right on your desktop computer where it belongs. This way there's no chance of your database being sold or "lent" to a third-party.

2. Is LinxMail easy to install?

Yes. You just download and run a single setup file. It will take 5-10 minutes (depending on download speed).

3. Do you impose anti-SPAM / CAN-SPAM restrictions?

No. Unlike many competitors we don't force you to comply with any specific country's SPAM legislation - we leave it to you.

This is important as each country has it's own rules. It seems wrong to us, for example, that users in Australia, Canada or the UK should be forced to follow the rules of the USA, but that's what you are asked to sign up to with other systems.

Of course, we expect LinxMail users to comply with their local regulations and the inbuilt unsubscribe functionality will help you achieve this.

4. Will my emails be branded with the "LinxMail" name or logo?

Not with the Executive or Professional editions. We feel that this level of user should not have to carry any branding from us, so it can be switched off.

We also don't insert any other phrases or links into your emails, such as unsubscribe links, like others do. Instead you can configure these in exactly the fashion you need in keeping with your corporate style.

5. What if I need more than one user?

No problem. It's expected that most businesses or organisations will only have one person responsible for email marketing campaigns but if you need more, just add additional licences. Multiple uses can be set up to share the same database or have separate ones.


6. Will LinxMail work on a Mac?

Only with emulation. LinxMail is a Windows application so will not work in the native Mac operating system. However, some Macs can run Windows applications using Apple's Boot Camp utility or with virtualisation software such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. We recommend you seek advice from your Mac supplier or the Apple Store and/or download the LinxMail Free Trial to test it in your environment.

7. Do I need other software?

 LinxMail is self-contained and includes all the functions you need to design and transmit great email campaigns. Of course, you will need Excel if you want to import contacts and a suitable email account, such as the one you probably already have with your web site hosting service. (You will also need to store your images on your web site, too).

For advanced editing of HTML emails we recommend Microsoft Expression Web. This is free software and a download link is placed on your desktop when you install LinxMail. Our "building block" modules and training videos use Expression Web but you can also use another HTML editor if you prefer.