About Us



The origins of Linx Software go back over 30 years to the development of database management systems in the UK.

In more recent years (since 2004) we have become known as a trusted supplier of CRM systems, especially in the financial services sector in Australia and New Zealand.


Our Focus

We focus heavily on small business. We understand how small business works, how their budgets (if they exist!) are always tight and the stresses and strains that small business owners often suffer. Our aim has always been to reduce that stress whilst increasing both the efficiency and the profitability of our clients.

LinxMail fits that profile exactly - while it can be used by non-profits, government departments and large corporations alike, it's the small-business owner that will likely benefit the most because of it's ease-of-use and low cost.


Our Clients

As mentioned, the majority of our clients are in the financial services field and use LinxCRM (the sister program to LinxMail). Many have been kind enough to say nice things about us and you are welcome to read their comment here.

By contrast, we expect that with LinxMail our client base will broaden to include a wide range of businesses from around the globe.